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Wrecked Mamas

Cassie Pigg & Aja Sexton

This podcast provides a humorous look inside real motherhood. Aja Sexton, stay at home mother of three, and Cassie Pigg, author of "Mommy's Got a Tramp Stamp" and maternal mental health advocate, get real about all the not-so-beautiful parts of being a mom. Cassie & Aja shed new light on the everyday aspects of motherhood. They are completely raw and unfiltered, just like motherhood. They share their experiences and discuss the struggles they have faced, particularly when it comes to postpartum mental health. They have a knack for discussing serious maternal topics with humor and sarcasm. They are witty and love to laugh, which will become obvious from the second you tune in. Aja & Cassie are no experts on parenting. They are just a couple of real moms talking about real issues.

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